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J-Squad is a unique ministry for teenagers, 12-18 years old. 

It’s much more than a weekly service.  We believe their lives are defined and directed by a loving God rather than by life’s circumstances.  Our goal is to help them connect with God, their peers and committed leaders through healthy relationships.


We are equipping young people to handle life now and forever. Empowering them to grow in their faith and equip them to live lives that honor God.


Our youth group exists to teach and model for our youth what it means to be a biblical disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ in a world that is filled with bad ideas and depraved behavior.


We want to do this by:

  • Challenging our youth continually with the Word of God

  • Modeling and practicing living in a healthy, Christ-centered community

  • Entering into personal, one-on-one discipleship relationships                                                                                                                                        

You don’t have to be from our church, know anything about God, look or believe a certain way, have money, dress a certain way, have your life perfectly together or be any degree of cool.  We are a family of youth and leaders learning how to love God and love others together. We would be thrilled to have you join us every Friday night at 6:00 PM for fellowship, instruction in the Word of God, antics, activities and loads of fun.

The youth group means so much to me.  It has helped me go through a lot in the time I have been going to the youth group.  One thing I like about the youth group the most is all the people that are involved in the youth gorup.  When you are not doing good they are always there for you and they never let you down.  The youth group has changed my life tremendously.



The youth group has helped me learn responsibilities more.  The youth group has helped me learn not to have as much attitude.



Youth group means a lot to me, it's really helping me stay away from bad things, bad people and it helps me understand God more.  Youth group has helped me with a lot, ever since I started going I have had beter attitude.  I'm gettting all good grades and I can see the difference.



The youth group is a safe place for you to come and hang out with other teens and have fun.  Get a good message every week and do a fun activity such as bowling, football etc.  Since I started youth group I went from a 1.4 gpa to a 3.0 gpa.  By attending youth group it has helped to stay out of trouble.


New Philadelphia

Youth group has helped me grow in the Lord.  Youth group has helped me with my prayer life with God. Youth group has helped me to trust more in God.  Youth group has some what boosted my self confidence.


New Philadelphia

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