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Part 4 of 4:


“…looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God". Hebrews 12:2

Have you ever wondered what it must have been like at the foot of the cross?

Mary Magdalene was there, one of the earliest and most devoted followers of Jesus, having been set free from “seven demons” cast from her by Jesus. Tradition speaks of the rumored lifestyle of Mary, perhaps debauchery, even prostitution, self-hatred and more.

There was also Mary, the mother of Jesus watching her own son in the flesh suffer and die in such a horrendous manner.

John, the beloved, the “one whom Jesus loved”, young and optimistic, filled perhaps with dreams for a life lived with Christ, yet never imagining that it would end this way — everything turning upside down in one 24-hour period from hell. Watching His Savior and friend hang on the cross just a few feet in front of him, the only one of the disciples to have the courage to do so, seemingly observing his future fade away into uncertainty.

Simon of Cyrene, whose life was also interrupted by an encounter with the Son of God. Present for Passover, perhaps the recipient of a previous religious encounter with Judaism and became a proselyte Jew. Simon seemed to be casually doing what was required of Him at Passover. He most likely heard the commotion, wondered what was going on; why the crowd had gathered and what they were looking at. He approached the road to Calvary as a spectator, a passer-by… curious but disconnected, uninvolved — simply observing. But, as God would have it, Simon was “compelled” to get involved by a Roman soldier and his sword and forced to help Jesus carry the cross up to Calvary that day — and so at the end of the day there he stood watching those final moments.

It was at the feet of Jesus that their lives changed forever.

Mary Magdalene was among the few who saw him die on the cross, and was among the first person to witness Him alive after his resurrection. It was Mary Magdalene, as the first evangelist that ran and told all the disciples that “Jesus is risen from the dead.”

Mary, the mother of Jesus continued and followed her son as God and we cannot take for granted what a step that must have been. A testimony to the life of Jesus, she became an authority for those who would later write the Gospels. She was counted as one of those present in the upper-room on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit baptized all participants.

John became a leader in the church at Jerusalem, writing a Gospel, several letters and, later as his faith was tested he was boiled in hot oil — twice — and banished to the Isle of Patmos where he received “the Revelation” for the book that bears that name from God.

Simon of Cyrene returned to his city with a story of a Savior that hung on a cross and then rose from the dead. You see, the City of Cyrene, located in Libya (Northern Africa), is never even mentioned in the Old Testament and is never mentioned in the Word of God at all, prior to this encounter with Simon. Yet throughout the Book of Acts, after this event, Cyrenians are showing up as preachers, teachers and prophets, even present in the upper-room — all because one man named Simon, whether he intended to or not was saved and changed by Jesus Christ on the cross that day.

Never have I ever experienced a more complete satisfaction in every area than when I fell at the feet of Jesus Christ and embraced the cross of Calvary for my life … My heart was filled, my sins were forgiven and my future was bright. I encourage you to spend some time at the “feet of Jesus” today because blessing, healing, rest and salvation is found there.

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